Lord of The Dance

Oh Lord, we love to dance, but moreover, we love you
The Lord of The Dance
May we honor you thru this glorious gift.
Our hearts are filled with emotions
that mere words cannot express.
As we move to the music, we offer up to you
our griefs and disappointments, our awe and gratitude -
We dance
in the joy of forgiveness, courage and hope.
Be at work within us - our Divine Choreographer -
compose, arrange and direct the patterns
that come from your infinite imagination.
Order our steps -
may they be beautifully synchronized,
full of passion and power.
As we dance we offer up to you the people we love.
As we lift our arms in adoration
we gather them in for your blessing.
We dance their cares into your keeping.
Accept this dance as an act of worship
as we place our feet into the hands of the Master
oh Lord, our God
The Lord of The Dance